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Jennette Barnes,  CAI - Local NPR for the Cape, Coast & Islands

A meeting of the state panel on the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station became unusually volatile on Monday 9/25, as arguments broke out between the acting chair and others in the room.

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Sarah Carlon, Cape Cod Times

Plan to put Pilgrim power's radioactive water in Cape Cod Bay

Holtec temporarily pausing plans to dump radioactive water in Cape Cod Bay. Here's why

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Staff Reports, NBC Boston

Mass. Lawmakers Condemn Proposal to Dump Radioactive Water Into Cape Cod Bay

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth shut down in 2019, and ever since, there has been speculation about what will happen to the million gallons of radioactive waste sitting offshore


Christine Legere,  The Provincetown Independent

DEP’s draft decision blocks path to nuclear wastewater release for now

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Christine Legere, Provincetown Independent

Holtec Expects to Make Huge Profit off Pilgrim Plant

Finance report predicts that $500 million or more would go to company

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Douglas MacMillan, The Washington Post

The dangerous business of dismantling America’s aging nuclear plants

Accidents at New Jersey’s Oyster Creek power plant have spurred calls for stricter oversight of the burgeoning nuclear decommissioning industry


Sukie & David Amory, The Boston Globe

Option to dump wastewater is not an option

 Holtec International announced that its decommissioning plan for the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant includes the option of dumping 1 million gallons of radioactive wastewater into Cape Cod Bay.

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Sarah Carlon, Cape Cod Times

Cape town leaders oppose radioactive water release in Cape Cod Bay, in letters filed at hearing

Emergency legislation filed in January subject of April 12 joint judiciary committee hearing

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The Barnstable Patriot

'Too much at stake to gamble': Barnstable Town Council condemns Holtec plan

As our community is located along Cape Cod Bay with 48,000 year-round residents and 150,000 seasonal residents and visitors, we are very concerned about the potential adverse impacts Holtec’s proposed action would have on our residents’ and visitors’ health, the environment and the local economy. 

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Thomas A. Bass, The American Scholar

The Bomb Next Door

Eighty years into the atomic age, U.S. nuclear power reactors have produced several million tons of radioactive waste—and we still have no idea how to dispose of it


Matthew Tomlinson, NewsCenter

Advocates Holding Rally In Wellfleet Against Dumping In Cape Cod Bay

Cape Downwinders and Save Our Bay are organizing a rally at Mayo Beach in Wellfleet on Tuesday, June 14 from 3 to 4 pm to protest the proposed discharge of radioactive water from Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station into Cape Cod Bay.


Mike Damiano, Boston Globe

‘This can’t happen’: Plymouth in uproar over possible plan for radioactive waste

“If you make your living on the water, if your kids swim in the water, you have no interest in putting radioactive material into the water.” said Paul Quintal, the owner of Plymouth Cruises and a member of the Plymouth Harbor Committee.


Hongyu Liu, The Patriot Ledger

'Not one drop': Hundreds rally in Plymouth to prevent dumping radioactive water into ocean

PLYMOUTH – About 250 residents gathered at the Town Wharf in Plymouth Saturday to protest possible nuclear waste dumping by Holtec International into Cape Cod Bay off the Plymouth coast.


Ian Fairlie, Beyond Nuclear International

Tritium isn’t harmless

Japan plan to dump tritiated water into the ocean comes with big risks


Theodore Bosen, Old Colony Memorial

GUEST COLUMN: Holtec's planned nuclear dump

Holtec argued that their planned nuclear dump into the bay will have a negligible environmental impact because past aqueous releases did no harm over several decades of Pilgrim’s operation. Not so!

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UH News

Dumping treated nuclear wastewater in Pacific Ocean not recommended

Japan has proposed discharging treated nuclear wastewater into the Pacific Ocean, and an independent panel of global experts on nuclear issues was developed to support Pacific nations in their consultations. Robert Richmond, a research professor at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) and director of the Kewalo Marine Laboratory, was one of five experts selected to join the panel.


Matt Baca

Attorney General Balderas Announces Lawsuit to Halt Holtec Nuclear
Storage Facility

-Today, Attorney General Hector Balderas announced that the State of New Mexico filed suit against the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission ("NRC" or "the Commission") and the United States seeking to stop them from indefinitely storing the nation’s supply of high level radioactive waste in South Eastern New Mexico. 

Holtec Hi-STORE.jpeg

Letters of Support

US Radiation Panel Recognizes No Safe Radiation Dose

Developing a Long-Term Strategy for Low-Dose Radiation Research in the United States

Epidemiologist Dr. Richard Clapp's testimony

Testimony describing the dangers of the radiation from waste cans

Duxbury BOH Resolution


Opposing the release of "Low-Level Radioactive Water" from the Pilgrim Reactor by Holtec

EPA Response to Stellwagen Sanctuary


Holtec Decommissioning Letter

Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe

Potential Discharge of Radioactive Water from HOLTEC/ Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

SOBMA Press Release: Reaction to Holtec CEO Remarks

Save Our Bay MA

Official press release: SOBMA reaction to Holtec CEO remarks at US Senate Hearing.

Joint Letter to Kelly Trice

Congress of the United States 

We write to express our opposition to the proposed discharge of radioactive water from Pilgrim
Nuclear Power Station (Pilgrim) into Cape Cod Bay.

Markey Federal Hearing Joint Letter

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Court

As the State Senators and Representatives elected to serve the Plymouth, Cape Cod and
Islands region,1 we submit this joint letter to voice our concerns about the environmental and
economic consequences of decommissioning practices at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station
(PNPS) located in Plymouth, Massachusetts and currently operated by Holtec International

Bourne Selectmen Letter

Glenn Cannon, Town of Bourne

Opposition to Discharge of Radioactive Water from Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Sheila Lynch-Benttinen to NOAA & NRC

Sheila Lynch-Benttinen, Duxbury Resident & Former President of Save The Harbor/Save The Bay

This letter is in regard to a potential violation of The Endangered Species Act (ESA)and the potential disposal of over one million gallons of radioactive water at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts by Holtec, LLC. The
ESA legally requires coordination between Federal Agencies to coordinate the protection of endangered species.

National Academies of Science BEIR VII Summary on Health Impacts of Radiation

Massachusetts citizen sends 60 day notice of intent to sue to The Secretary of U.S. Fish and Wildlife and NOAA Fisheries

Pilgrim Settlement Agreement

Agreement between Commonwealth of MA and Holtec

Plymouth BOH Letter

Plymouth Board of Health

Opposing the Release of "Low-Level" Radioactive Water" from the Pilgrim Reactor by Holtec

EPA Letter to Holtec


CLF Letter to Holtec

Conservation Law Foundation

Conservation Law Foundation is writing to express its strong opposition to the disposal of radioactive wastewater from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station into Cape Cod Bay.

MSC Pilgrim Nuclear Letter

Massachusetts Seafood Collaborative

We are writing to strenuously oppose the dumping of approximately one million gallons of
radioactive water from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station into Cape Cod Bay by Holtec

Stellwagen Letter to NRC

Captain Peter DeCola, Coast Guard (Retired)

Potential Discharge of Radioactive Water From Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

SOBMA Letter to Baker

Save Our Bay MA

Request for a meeting to discuss concerns regarding Holtec’s decommissioning of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Keating Letter to NRC

Congress of the United States, William R. Keating

: Proposed Release of Irradiated Water at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station into Cape
Cod Bay

Testimony in support of An Act relative to preventing the discharge of radioactive materials.

We write in support of House bill 4444, An Act relative to preventing the discharge of 
radioactive materials. 

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