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Take Action


Reach out to your State Rep. or Senator

 Reach out to your State Rep. or Senator (find my legislator) and ask them to support bills that would:

  • Prevent dumping

  • Require real time monitoring of spent fuel costs

Important Action Items

Contact Governor Baker

request that he make a public statement opposing dumping. Ask that he consider current applicable environmental and human-health based standards and regulations, amend them if necessary, and enforce them. Contact now!

(dowloadable letter form)

Contact Attorney General Healey

request that the office file suit against Holtec Pilgrim LLC and Holtec Decommissioning International LLC. to prohibit dumping. Contact Seth Schofield,  AGO Sr. Appellate Counsel now!

(downloadable letter form)

Contact Local Towns

request that they amend their regulations regarding disposal of hazardous materials to include radioactive materials and disposal in waters within its authority. 

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Take Action

Support Our Cause

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Thanks for your support! A member of the SOBMA crew will be in touch shortly with next steps!

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